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Reseller Network


We set up, develop and manage Reseller Networks in the countries where we have our offices, dealing exclusively with high quality product manufacturers. Many companies are interested in ex-porting their goods to developing importer countries like Russia and Turkey and many local com-panies are interested in being resellers for a manufacturer company.

A successful Reseller Network strongly depends on there being reliable local resellers in target markets. As we know this area very well, we provide thorough due diligence and compliance pro-cesses for potential resellers to choose from.

A Reseller Network provides the opportunity to manufacturer export products in stable and secure terms and conditions for specific target countries and to concentrate on the manufacturing process, guarantee an annual amount of export of goods and add other value added international trade benefits.

To set up a Reseller Network, we first collect all the required information about the manufacturing company and the products which can be exported to the target market, by providing initial market research in order to ensure that there is enough demand in the target market for the products. If we are satisfied with the results of the initial market research, we can provide detailed market research which includes the following topics:

We invite the manufacturers to face to face negotiations with selected local resellers just after we have submitted our detailed market research. Through face to face negotiations, the manufacturer can provide estimations and assurances that selected future local resellers are reliable and secure future business partners in the target market.

The Reseller Network Set Up service guarantees at least 4 local resellers for our manufacturer customer as a first step and during the first year, depending on the business sector the numbers of local resellers in target market would rise.

Our corporate liabilities are not finished when the manufacturer signs agreements with future local resellers in the target market. Just after signing the agreements we begin the management and development of the Reseller Network. Management of the Reseller Network includes taking the following steps:

Advantages of our Reseller Network Set Up and Management services against fairs, trade shows, exhibitions, country visits within delegations: 

Reseller Network Set Up Development and Man-agementFairs, Trade Shows, Exhibitions, Delegation Visits
As the result of the due diligence and compliance works that we provide, you will have detailed information about financial and legal status, commercial reputation and market position of the company or person with whom you are meeting. So these companies and persons will not be unfamiliar to you. You will even know how much of your products they will buy each year. Unfortunately you cannot be sure about the financial and legal status, commercial reputation and market position of the companies or persons with whom you are meeting in fairs, trade shows, exhibitions and country visits with delegations. Nobody can guarantee of successful meetings with poten-tial partners from such organisations.
You will have the opportunity to negotiate with your future partners face to face and see their working areas and warehouses. Such organisations cannot give you the possibility of face to face negotiations with your potential partners. There might also be your direct competitors. Thus your potential partners can choose between you and your competitors.
Your future partners will have been well informed about your company and products. They will already be interested in being your partner or reseller. Such organisations are making it possible for your competitors to steal your know-how, models and designs. In many cases you cannot know whether your customer or your competitor is negotiating with you.
You will have a ready made Reseller Network. You have to set your own Reseller Network up from the start.
We will help you to manage your Reseller Network 24/7. Our experience of management of Reseller Networks is at your service. You have to spend a lot of time and money to set up and manage your Reseller Network start up instead of saving your time and costs in ready Reseller Network.
We provide periodic financial, legal and stock inspections of resellers to support your business security.  
We manage events like collective participation in advertisement programmes, national and regional fairs, seminars and trainings for your Reseller Network.  

Many of above mentioned issues are the subjects of the “B-Stream” software which is serviced for manufacturer and all reseller companies. This software is a specially designed remote data base, providing online process tracking, business analysis software which provides the opportunity to see information placed on the data base, to send and receive product orders, tracking of payments, production, ensure delivery, custom clearance, stocking, and sales, and provide quarterly and annual business efficiency analyses for future target determinations and 24/7 live communication between the users.

What We Do

  • Provide initial market research
  • Describe tasks and provide validation
  • Provide detailed market research including due diligence and list of resellers
  • Provide negotiations with potential resellers on behalf of our customer manufacturers
  • Collect letters of intent from resellers regarding expected product orders
  • Invite manufacturers to face to face negotiations with future resellers
  • Set up Reseller Network
  • Prepare and approve agreements and purchase/sale contracts
  • Include manufacturer and Resellers Network in “B-Stream”
  • Coordinate business relationships between manufacturer and Reseller Network to create successful business for all sides.

 Up to 40% proven raise of sales for manufacturer in two years