Baranseli Finans

Mergers and acquisitions

To ensure successful entrances and expansion into new markets abroad, we offer a service to our customers of carrying out all required investigations, due diligence, compliance services and we also provide legal procedures to make possible the merger and/or acquisition of a target company that may already have a ready business infrastructure, customers portfolio and an experienced labour force.

As a result of the merger and acquisition transactions carried out abroad, our customers may expand their services and products while protecting their ownership rights, know-how and knowledge. In some cases M&A transactions are also subject to the optimisation of an excess burden of taxes.

Due to customer requirements we are now practising private equity investment and leveraged buyouts, along with the following services:

We are reliable and significant partners with our customers in mergers and acquisitions, investment and business strategies and their expansion in abroad. In addition, if you want to sell your ready-made business, we can provide valuation and support in finding reliable customers.



What We Do

  • Receive customers’ orders
  • Describe tasks and validation
  • Analyse businesses and finances
  • Assess business (including asset valuation, historical and future maintainable earnings valuations and discounted cash flow valuations)
  • Provide business and financial modelling
  • Provide business and financial system testing
  • Corporate restructuring (if needs)
  • Co-management of business (if customers request this)