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Franchise Network

The generally known definition of a “franchise” is an authorisation granted by a “franchisor” to a “franchisee” enabling him/her to carry out specified commercial activities under the terms and conditions determined by the franchisor.

However, we are involved in creating a different kind of franchise business, involving the sharing of business experience, successful management model, reputation gained in years, corporate history, commercial and management risks in order to achieve mutual benefits. Therefore, our Franchise Network Set Up, Development and Management services are provided for both franchisors and franchisees.

We set up, develop and manage Franchise Networks in countries on a world wide basis. Many companies are interested in expanding into new markets by means of franchise rights and many of individuals and companies are interested in being a franchisee of a well-known commercial brand and profitable company.

Successful franchise business depends on fundamental elements such as due diligence and the compliance of the parties (both franchisors and franchisees), market and product analysis, innovations, advertisement, budgeting and financial investment, regular inspections and quality control systems. All these fundamental elements are part of our Franchise Network Set up, Development and Management Services.

To set up a franchise network, we first collect all the required information about the franchisor, brand and the services/products that are the subjects of the franchise, and then carry out the initial market research to show that there is enough demand for the services/products in the target market. If we are satisfied with the results of the initial market research, we can provide detailed market research which includes the following topics:

We invite the franchisor to face to face negotiations with selected future franchisees just after we have submitted our detailed market research. Through face to face negotiations, the franchisor can understand the availability of estimations and assurances so as to select future franchisees to be reliable and secure future business partners when dealing with the target market.

The Franchise Network Set Up service guarantees at least 4 local franchisees for our franchisor customers as a first step and during first year, depending on the business sector, the numbers of local franchisees in the target market would rise.

Our corporate liabilities do not end when the parties sign franchise agreements. Just after signing the agreements we begin the management and development of the franchise network.

The management of the franchise network includes the following services:

Franchise Network Set Up and Management services are the subjects of “B-Stream” software, which is used by both franchisors and franchisees. “B-Stream” software is a specially designed remote data base adjusted to ECR, involving process tracking, business analysis software which provides the opportunity to get information placed on the data base, and ensures online tracking of bills and payments, services, products, delivery, stocking, and sales, quarterly and annual business efficiency analysis for future targets definitions and 24/7 live communication between the users. This software provides the opportunity to live tracking of bill and payments for franchisors wherever they are in the world.

We strongly suggest that our franchisor customers establish their own companies (if they have not already done so) in the target markets and assign the master franchise rights to their own company. This makes it easier to protect the franchisors‘ rights and creates opportunity to increase royalty fee revenues.


What We Do

  • Receive franchisors’ (or franchisees’) orders
  • Carry out market research
  • Describe tasks and validation
  • Provide franchise business modelling and prepare of business plans
  • Ensure franchisee (or franchisor) research and selection
  • Set up negotiations with selected individuals and companies on behalf of our customers
  • Set up franchise network
  • Prepare and approve of agreements and contracts
  • Include franchisor and Franchise Network in “Baranseli Network Management System”
  • Coordinate business relationships between franchisors and franchise network in order to ensure confident business on both sides.

Up to 60% proven effect in two years