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Recent opportunities to be a Reseller


Recent opportunities to be a Reseller

Basic requirements to the Manufacturer

The reputation and Quality of
The manufacturer must have a good reputation and a positive history of the company.
The manufacturer must have a stable positive financial balance.
The manufacturer must have experience of export of their products to different markets.
The producer must produce high-quality products and obliged to stand behind their products while it is operated in the market.
The manufacturer must have available the Department RnD (development and development) and to take into account the opinions of the market development of the technical characteristics of production and to meet the demand of the market.

Prices and Payment
Prices must be competitive. Given market conditions, prices can only be annually insignificant size. Dealers in local markets will participate in the process of pricing products.
The price of the products can be in convertible currencies but dealers will pay in national currencies.
Dealers have the installment payment of up to 90 days (if the manufacturer cannot give installments, Baranseli Financial Settlements can lend dealer).

Solidarity and Organization
The manufacturer shall keep the Dealers in a competitive environment through joint participation in exhibitions, promotional events, etc for active promotion of products on the market.
We arrange seminars and trainings for specialists Dealers in the areas of marketing service. Manufacturer and Dealers should take an active part in such events.



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