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Recent opportunities for franchise


Recent opportunities for franchise

To be a part of felicitous franchise network is a success guaranteed business. Many of Franchisee have benefits of business model and well-known brand created and tested in years by a Franchisor.

As we are commercial representative of Franchisors in local markets, we have to be accurately selective to choose our Franchisor partners. We are working exclusively with Franchisors who have proven reliability and stability in the market. To determine the reliability and stability of a Franchisor, we are following strict criteria to select of a Franchisor developed by us.

Basic Requirements for the Franchisors

Reputation and Quality

  • Franchisors should have high reputation and positive corporate history.
  • Franchisors should have stabile and positive financial statements
  • Franchisors should have experience on franchising.
  • Franchisors should have high quality products and/or services.
  • Franchisors should consider the opinions of the market regarding to development of products and/or services and answer to requirements of the market.

Prices and Payments

  • Prices should be competitive at the target market. Regarding to market conjuncture the price fluctuations can be insignificant amount for a year. Franchisee would be attend on pricing process for the products and/or services at local markets.
  • Payments between Franchisor and Franchisee would be in local currencies.

Solidarity and Organisation

  • Franchisor is liable to support Franchisee in competitive market through joint participation to ad-vertisement campaigns etc. to active promotion of the brand at the market.
  • We are organising seminars and trainings for specialists of Franchisee on marketing skills and after sales services. Franchisor and Franchisee should actively attend on such events.


Both Franchisor and Franchisee are connecting our Baranseli Business Network Management System through “B-Stream” software developed by us.

Opportunities of “B-Stream” for Franchisee:

  • Finding all information and documents of Franchisor and the products and/or services,
  • Online asking questions and comments to franchisor and receiving answers,
  • Receiving reports prepared by us individually for a Franchisee,
  • Tracking of events managed by us to support to active promotion of the brand at the market.


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