Baranseli Finans

About us

Business cannot be done alone!

We believe that each part of a business has to share its benefits. Thus, we do business on the basis of the mutual benefits for all parties.

Founded in 2006 in London, “Baranseli Financial Settlements” offers a chain of financial and commercial services including financial management, asset management, project and investment management, trade financing, reseller and franchise networks setup, development and management, due diligence, mergers and acquisitions, and related services.

Baranseli Business Network Management System “B-Stream” our customers and their trading network are now included in the “B-Stream”, which is the advanced business network management system software for our customers, manufacturer/franchisor and resellers/franchisees which it makes available to real time tracking for orders, payments, manufacturing processes, packing and delivery, the custom clearance process (in case of foreign trade), sales and stocks. The Baranseli Network Management System “B-Stream” is available for mobile devices and gadgets based on IOS and Android as “Baranseli App”.

We would like to support you in growing your corporate financial and commercial possibilities.