Baranseli Finans

Baranseli Business Network Management System

“B-Stream” is an advanced business network management system software making easy and secure data transfer on Global Business Network (GBN) data base. “B-Stream” makes available realtime tracking of all business processes.


Asset Management

As a company which is experienced in international capital markets, we offer a wide range of asset management and investment services for our corporate and private customers.


Reseller Network

We set up, develop and manage reseller networks for our manufacturer customers in the UK, Turkey and Russia. Resellers in a network are supported by various financial and marketing instruments to gain competitiveness in markets.


Franchise Network

Franchise Networks provide valuable opportunities to gain revenue for franchisors by means such as providing franchisees with a well-known brand and successful business model. On the other side, it could be great opportunity to be a part of international brand holder and a chain of profitable business which is guaranteed to be successful.


Mergers and acquisitions

In many cases M&A is the best way to rapidly grow in business, especially in a new location. To satisfy our customer’s requirements, we carry out research and provide due diligence, compliance, legal procedures and business valuations.



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